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There is adult content ahead, if you are uncomfortable with viewing furry pornography (or any pornography at all, really) or if you are under 18, then do not view the content below. If you continue, you are agreeing that you are or are above the age of 18, and consent to viewing lewd materials.

Yaoi Haven Reborn

The main landing page of the website

The doujinshi content section, showing the layout of comics

The Yaoi Store, the e-commerce section which sells adult toys

The forums, with profiles and logins linked to the main site

AnthroWear Feral Apparel

The main landing page of the website, entirely e-commerce with the exception of the forums

The category list view, showing items based on explicit categories

The single item view, showing options for customizing each item to exact specification (no more guessing with custom orders!)

The forums, using a different style than the YHR version running the same forum software, to match the theme

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