Meet the team behind FurHost!

Geeks with tails, mostly ;)

Atoro Desu

Hi there! I'm Atoro. I started FurHost in January of 2016 after years of having this idea, but waiting to start work on it. I've been interested in web design and hosting for as far back as I can remember, and after starting a couple fairly successful websites on my own, I finally decided to put what talents I can to use and help others do the same.

I've made quite a few websites for friends and family over the years, but nothing professional until early 2013, when an unfortunate turn of events landed me in a spot where a big yaoi website needed to be rebuilt, and I was the only one who could do it. Fast forward to today, and Yaoi Haven Reborn has ballooned into a great, self-sustaining website.

One thing we didn't anticipate, with our rag-tag team of coders and developers, is that we'd be able to pay for all our servers, our space in the data center, and hardware costs, all of of just one website. What do we do with the rest of this space we have? That's where I had the idea for FurHost. Why not help out the furry community where I can?

We are not strapped for money, we aren't going anywhere for years, and we don't have a passive interest in the furry community or its members. We are part of the fandom, from going to AnthroCon and BLFC, to teaming up with a tail maker to recreate his website for him (AnthroWear is on the Spotlight page if you haven't seen it already!), we have a genuine interest in helping, and we absolutely have the ability to.

We understand most artists, creators, and members may not be the most tech-savvy, or even know where to begin when it comes to something like a website. We've seen too many GREAT artists settle on using Tumblr or other free web hosts to get their work out there, but we want to give them a chance to have the same professional look online as they do in their handiwork. We want to turn "" and "" into "". Your work is professional and great looking, why shouldn't your website be as well?

We call ourselves a web host, but we do more than that. One-on-one help for anything you need, showing you the ropes for building your own site, tips on payment methods and merchant accounts for selling art (including the explicit stuff! PayPal is a nono, we can get you a yes yes from a real merchant account provider). Not sure where to start, what to do, or even where you want to be in the future? We're here to help, through email, online chat, hell we can even text or voice call, we're just people after all!

Give us a chance, we will not disappoint you, and we guarantee you'll be satisfied with the results =)